The Bandana

Today I felt the need to sew. How could I be home all day and not conquer some project? I started off by making my daughter some simple pants she has been asking for.

Happy to get off the to do list but wasn’t really feeling sewing. Took a little break then told myself to work on some unfinished projects that don’t require precision. Went to the stash of fabrics and found some fabric that o could use for cloth napkins. I think I blogged awhile back for my desire to go primarily to reusable napkins.

These are not ideal but will work. I made 12.
Then I recalled I was supposed to make bandanas for our disaster supplies. You may be wondering why make bandanas, they aren’t expensive. Well I am particular about the fabric because all bandanas aren’t made equal and buying enough for 5 people isn’t cheap when you can find the fabric for a fraction of the cost. So that’s what I did. I didn’t take many pix but I made 12. Still have more to make (can never have too many) but a good amount for now.
A few uses for the bandana:
😷 headband
😷tie a ponytail
😷dish cloth
😷wash cloth
😷reusable napkin
😷Carry food
😷cover mouth/noise
😷fill with ice and use as a compress
😷water filter
😷clean glasses
😷whatever else you can think of when you are in a bind


4 thoughts on “The Bandana

  1. Wow! Never thought of bandanas in survival terms. Thanks for the education. Your sewing skills and tenacity are inspiring. Your children are blessed to have you.

  2. Why make anything when it is all so inexpensive? You are correct, quality and design from our own hands is the difference we are seeking. I have never seen a bandana in a store as nice as you made there. We are similar in our craft, making useful items. You are very, very talented. I will enjoy seeing your future posts.

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