Over The Shoulder Book Holder

Today was a bag making kinda day.
First, I helped a friend make a bag.

Next, I made one as a thank you gift.
I hope she likes it.
Then I made one for myself. I had extra leftover and it matches an outfit I made last month that I really like. (No pictures so can’t show you).

These bags are always interesting to me because my method for making is very… Whimsical is the word that comes to mind. I cut the scraps by eyeballing, I don’t use pins, and I am always trying out a new “technique”. I never really know what the finished product will look like. I shake my head often while piecing together. I doubt the process/technique/color&/or fabric choicesalmost the whole way through. But in the end I usually like the product, mistakes and all. I think I like the perfectness of the imperfections. I think they represent me to a certain extent. I want to be perfect, but reality is I am not yet I rock socks anyway. 😃😜😆

Oh if you are wondering the two bottom bags are made from gray linen, two old knee-less pairs of the boy’s jeans and lined in cotton. They have different linings but both were shirts that I made but didn’t like so saved to transform into something else.

The top bag my little friend picked the fabric. The outside is a big scrap of fabric I got from a trip to Ghana a LONG time ago. She lined it with green canvas.
All the materials came from other projects and are natural fibers.


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