Doing What You Love

“Doing what you love is not the same as loving what you do.”

There are so many ways to expound on this concept.
my rap turrets kicking in big time right now. Stay focused ERIKA!
I prefer it over that quote about doing what you love is loving what you do. I get the gist but nah not really. Just not true. There will be aspects that you don’t love. Regardless.
Moving on.
This quote has come up in my life on daily basis for easily the last two weeks. The reality is, I love my life. Like fa real. Right now I am going through a spell where I am doing more of the drudgery that I don’t necessarily enjoy, oh wait, love. But I do love what I do overall. There is of course, room for improvement and YEP, you guessed it, I’m working on it. Inshallah, in the very near future things will turn around where I can be doing more of what I love so the the parts that I don’t are balanced out.
Anyway, I rambled all that to say… I pray you are on the path to doing what you love and while on said path don’t get distracted or deterred from the bigger picture.
“Just keep swimming swimming swimming,” lol in my Dory voice.



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