“Success Requires Obsession”

Me (laughing): One more time?

Him: Mom, you must really like that.?.

Me: Yes, I do.

Him (with a smile): Me too!

Hopefully it will inspire you as well.

*Big Thanks to My Loving Husband that is striving to understand my obsession. Love You!


“Our intention is everything.”

“You’re already in pain. Use It! Do something with it. Allow your pain to push you to greatness.”

“Recycle Your Pain!”

“When you reach that moment of clarity you operate in a way you can’t operate when the stuff is all over the table.”

“Make a choice. Just decide. What it is going to be. Who you’re going to be. How you’re going to do it.”

“Success Requires Obsession”

“What is your true purpose on this earth? We are all dying but only a select few of us are truly living.”

“When you find your WHY. You don’t hit snooze anymore. You find a way to make it happen.”


4 thoughts on ““Success Requires Obsession”

  1. This post is more than true it is the absolute reality of all beings. Everything in your life is non-productive and without meaning if you can not tap into your gift of life. We can not afford to lose a lot of time searching for the gift instead sit still (which is ok because your movement could be the opposite direction of your gift) and listen to the essence of the being that has instilled the gift in you. Do not move toward other ppl goals for you regardless to whom or what it might cause a delay in your investigation of your reality of life. Love this sis!

  2. I can understand watching it over and over. The analogy about water was good…it was all good. It would be a great reminder to start each day with. So happy I watched it. Thanks for a great post.

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