Sew Oct/Nov

I can’t recall when I made this outfit. It was either end of oct or early nov. Anyway, I like it a lot. Super comfy and after making at least two things I didn’t like pretty much at all YEP, already gave away I needed a win.
I’ve worn it several times but just didn’t post/journal it.
Here are a bunch of action photos:












6 thoughts on “Sew Oct/Nov

  1. It looks so well made. Really nice covered buttons- I always think they add something special. Are those raised beds to grow in? I am off on my family weekend in an hour. Have a fabulous weekend πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! A friend did the buttons for me. I have never even tried. I need to. I always like really expensive buttons. And yes to the raised beds. Im helping a school start a school garden. So far 3 beds and an herb spiral. God willing more to come.

    • Was actual going to add a disclsiner but didnt. It was rainy and i was going to the garden so hey. AND i actually need to alter the pants because i made them to fit with heels. They look really cute that way but i usually just wear flats with them.

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