Power Couple and Happy…

This morning while driving my mind was stuck on the phrase “power couple.” I tried to shake the idea from my mind but it kept surfacing so hey, let’s play with the idea. My mind instantly went to the I want to say typical ideas of power couples who we really know nothing about so then I went personal. What is a power couple to you Erika?
Here are some thoughts that crossed my mind:
1. They both have an intimate relationship with God. Consequently God is all up in the center of that thing. šŸ™
2. They actively study God’s words individually and together. Daily. A minimum of 15 min of dialogue a day devoted to just being on the same page when it comes to spiritual development.

They both understand where their true power comes from and actively try to stay connected to that source. They help each other stay connected.

3. They brainstorm and problem solve together, striving to keep it 100! Lol. Striving to be honest with themselves and each other.
Wife: I’m a good salesperson. I always sell the most. Blah blah blahness
Husband: nah babe you ahright, hate to bust yo bubble but you are cute. Insert some marital correctness then end with, there are benefits to being cute.
Or they just simply discuss the issues of the day and try to figure out the best way to handle it giving each other equal respect. Which leads to next point.

4. They respect and value each other and what each brings to the table. Like fa real fa real. Not in a superficial way.

5. They strive to improve themselves as individuals as well as a couple. This includes exercise and perusing individual interests as well as joint ventures.
6. They are constantly working to improve/maintain the love between them. They realize that marriage takes work from both parties.
7. They support each other fully. They get behind each other. It can be anything from supporting a career to a participation in a one mile fun run. You get the picture. Stand by your (wo)man!
In this, they may need to take turns. For lack of a better word. It has to be balanced. It’s not just all, or mostly, about one of them.
8. They agree on the same goals and for the most part on how to get there. And can discipline themselves to stick to the script. And if the script changes for whatever reason they go back to the drawing board and try something new.
9. Avoid the lime light. They ain’t got to tell people all they business (good or bad). Their light shines because of all of the above (plus some). People see them doing their thing and are inspired. Not in a superficial they don’t have issues way but they are inspired by the teamwork being displayed… If that makes sense.
Oh 10. PARENTING. They both play an active role in the lives of the products aka offspring aka children. We know it takes a village so at the very least momma and poppa must both be active and YEP, on the same page.

This is long. It was fun. I pray you enjoy it as much as I did.

Oh and as I logged into WordPress I was informed that today is my blogaversery. Only fitting that I totally enjoyed writing a post on such an occasion. šŸ˜Š


5 thoughts on “Power Couple and Happy…

  1. Love your thoughts on power couples. It gave me a yard stick to measure my Vern diagram by ( that”s what I call my relationship) that are more in tune with our growth and development. Wow. I need to address something’s.
    You know how when the truth hits you, and you say yes indeedy?

  2. This was nice to read. Also great to use for a goal in a relationship or marriage to do list. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness.

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