Jesus on the Brain

I woke up this morning with Jesus on the brain. From a few different angles, though.
1. The other day I thought of doing a post about Jesus. But didn’t. Nothing elaborate just a quick story.
The girls and I are reading Howard Zinn’s, A People’s History of the U.S.. We finished a chapter on Native Americans and my daughter exclaimed I would have been with the Seminoles. I instantly asked, “but would you really?” She gave me a look and said,”really mom?” I then had to explain myself:
It wasn’t that I was knocking her as a person. Or questioning her judgment. I just wanted her, me and her siblings in earshot, to think a little deeper about that statement and their lives presently.
I first reassured her and told her that I would like to think that she would have fought and stood strong with them. That I would have too. Then I reminded her of all the people that claim they would have followed and fought on the side of Jesus YET they have that opportunity now but are not. She quickly agreed. We discussed a little more and that was it. I ended that day, like many others, prayerful that my children and I actively choose to follow the modern day Jesus.
2. It’s X-mas. Yes, I believe in Jesus. No I don’t believe Jesus was born Dec 25, I don’t believe in the symbolism, I certainly don’t participate in the gift giving madness. I could go deeper but that’s not what’s on my brain. I actually began to “celebrate” X-mas about 9 years ago I guess. As you can imagine it was/is a challenge raising children not to participate in gift giving regardless of the reason. One year, after hearing about all the stuff their cousins received they wanted to know on a personal level, “mom, why don’t we celebrate x-mas.” Prior to this question we discussed the origins, the symbolism, the truth mixed with falsehood, etc etc. But on that day, God showed me another way. I went with it. I said, sure we can celebrate x-mas. We believe in Jesus. So we cuddled near the fireplace and read the book, The True History of Jesus. To address the gifts because that is what was at the root I simply asked something like, if it is Jesus’s birthday why are people giving everybody else gifts but Jesus? What did your cousin’s say they got for Jesus? The lightbulb went off and they saw how this makes no sense. It was so simple to understand that my about 5 year olds got it.
We ended our first x-mas celebration talking about the behaviors we could practice that would benefit both us and Jesus and God willing help to usher in the world that Jesus gave his life for.
3. So like always, time to self-reflect. How can I improve to make sure that I am helping to bring in God’s world? Not uphold this one.


4 thoughts on “Jesus on the Brain

  1. Love this post. Love the Aha about what you are getting for Jesus. I may have to use that when I finally get my way about presents in this house. Right now our relatives went over the top with what I feel are gifts that are way to extravagant for a 4 year old. Trying to find the balance. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • I wish you luck. From what i recall we never accepted gifts for them around this time. It was hard and our parents weren’t pleased but hey! And we didnt say they couldnt get them gifts at other times of the year. Blah blah blahness. But now its nothing. Everyone just accepts it and yes they probably would get more if we celebrated but its the principle.

  2. I think you have hit some very good points in this blog. I actually had an aha moment reading this post as I read your questions you asked your children. I think that we will renew our way of discussing the 25th in our family. I never gave much thought on how to address the 25th. You have given me plenty to think on.Thanks!

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