Be Here Now

This phrase was first introduced to me summer of 1995; pre-Fresh(wo)man year of college. In all honesty I can’t recall precisely what all the jargon went along with them explaining this phrase to us, but I (we) got the point. When in class we need to focus.

Fast forward 20 years later. Whatever they said, that phrase still sticks with me. I find myself saying it to myself more frequently at certain dispensations of my life, like now. And it has grown to mean different things. This past week, easily, I have been reminding myself of it and it has meant to slow down. Stop plotting and planning. To enjoy whatever I am doing, whoever i am with. Be here now! Focus on this interaction. On why God has you precisely right here and now at this particular point in your life. That’s not to say I have given up all my ways because some stuff I just can’t take, like an 8 min convo on the weather. IJS

Consequently, I have been subconsciously trying to figure out what they gave us to read, what the lecturers were saying on the subject but my mind just draws a blank. The only thing i can recall is saying it with friends when we were goofing off at whatever and laughing really hard because it always applied. Then I got to thinking, WOW, if they thought we were a distracted bunch I can’t even imagine nowadays. smh fa real. We live in a world full of distractions. In my humble opinion, we are all overstimulated these days. I know when my children read this they are going to roll their eyes and think how old i sound, so I will move on.

As I was just preparing for an upcoming museum trip with my son, I was all into the exhibits that naturally interest me. As i scrolled down the teacher cheat sheets πŸ™‚ I noticed my eyes kinda glossed over certain topics and I would have to go back and reread. I chuckled, then told myself, “BE HERE NOW!” YEP this is what the professors were trying to get us to realize. That when it is boring, when you don’t want to be doing it, you will have to focus your mind to Be Present, Active, Learning and still engaging the material when it is literally putting you to sleep. yes, some of the exhibits that bore me stiff will entice my son… video games.

So here is the self-reflection list I know you were waiting for: πŸ™‚

1. Continue to practice Being Here Now. I don’t get as much done so to speak, but I am really enjoying life (family and friends) at this slower pace and I am still being fairly productive.

2. When I taught Middle School outside the home I used to have the children meditate the first 5-10 min of class. I think I want to do that for my children. The children mocked it but I noticed a drastic difference when we did and didn’t do it. Hmm, I may introduce it to the gardening class I teach. We shall see.



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