I did half

Happy New Year! I don’t tend to do the resolution thing (I do it in the spring), but I did take the sew your own clothes challenge for a year with the urging of a good friend that is no longer with us. 😭πŸ˜ͺ (May Allah be pleased with her and although I miss her dearly I know ALLAH is the best knower.)

Anyway, so how did I do. I didn’t purchase any new clothing so totally successful on that front. πŸ‘
But I didn’t sew enough…at all. I don’t even think I began to sew for myself well past half of the year. And the stuff I did sew I don’t think I did a good job charting it. It’s all a blur. I don’t recall what I actually sewed this year minus the stuff that actually made it to the blog. And I had a few style mishaps. You know, making stuff I know I wouldn’t wear.
Anyway, the list.
1. Would I take the challenge again?
Umm yes but… Not in 2015. I would alter it because God willing I am in store for a big life change and being that I have been subconsciously not buying clothes (last 3 years for the most part) because in my mind I can make them my wardrobe is depleted, esp with the weight gain.
2. The real reason I took the challenge is because on my “bucket” list there is a sewing related goal. I simply want to create 7 outfits that I really like that represent the Muslim I am striving to become. So that will be my sewing goal for 2015. Trying to decide if I should say 7 new outfits, excluding anything I made previously. I think I am going to go with 7 new. (Still thinking though)

That’s it. Like I said I don’t really do the resolution thing even though I have been subconsciously telling myself that 2015 is the year to attack the bucket list and drop this recent weight I gained. God willing 5 things maybe more will be crossed off. But knowing me I will probably add 10 more. 😜


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