Cheap Date

Today I had the pleasure of going to Barnes and Nobles with the fam. I thought I would enjoy it but I had such a wonderful time. The 3 magazines I chose to read were chalked full of great information that I was literally smiling and talking to myself. Not really to myself, but out loud just in case anyone from my fam was remotely interested in my ramblings.
First up was

This was a pleasant surprise as it was literally only two on the rack and they were hidden. I found by accident and what drew me to it was (1) site specific (2) my children ENJOY hibiscus tea. (Been meaning to do a post on that.)
Anyway, that particular article didn’t disappoint at all. It was very inspiring minus the tidbit on the use of MiracleGro… Not doing that! The other articles were good too but that was the highlight. Oh and a really great spring planting guide.

Next up was

This used to be my favorite magazine so I wasn’t surprised that I enjoyed. The highlights in this one was the article on tarps and the best gardening apps. I’ve been looking for one. Based on their reviews I plan to further research
And finally I got to rush through

This was also a new magazine that I never explored. It was FULL of info and I really didn’t have the time to go through it all. What did like was a brief write up on nettle. I have been craving nettle tea recently. I haven’t had since moving to tx. I knew it was good for a few things but after reading the write-up I was thinking NO WONDER I miss it. Gotta locate some nettle.

Have you read any good gardening magazines lately?


4 thoughts on “Cheap Date

    • Hmm we may have to workout a shipment. 🙂 supposed to go pick up comfrey tomorrow. Thats moreso for Robert tho i plan to try it. I have never consumed it. Cant wait to be growing my own!

  1. Bookstores have something for everyone, such a nice family trip. You found some great reads it sounds and looks like. I would really, really love those last two. Looking forward to that hibiscus tea post.

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