Book Review: The New American Homestead

When I decided to document my reading from 2015 I didn’t plan to do full on book reviews because that is a commitment and ummm not into adding more to my to do list. Nonetheless, I am willing to do something informal as it will help me journal and maybe someone else.

I recently read, The New American Homestead by John H. Tullock.

The book wasn’t horrible but it is not a must read, IMHO. I liked that he went into very commonly grown plants and gave each their due diligence. However, this is not the only book that provides this info so I would consult a different author. I think I just didn’t care for his writer’s voice. I notice I like books that automatically make me feel as if the author and I are in a conversation. I didn’t get that feel with this book. At times it was rather boring, but not so boring that I didn’t finish the book. I powered through and yes I learned a little bit, but nothing worth making me want to own it or recommend it. However, if your library has a copy it wouldn’t hurt to give it a skim.

Here are a few of the notes I took:

Orient the long axis of your cold frame east and west. This means the top is facing south for maximum solar gain. Tilt the top to shed rain and snow. You can increase the heat by adding mass. Plastic milk jugs filled with water work best. Along the north wall.
– does a good job explaining each plant you want to grow.
-move strawberry patch every 5 years and not where potatoes were less than 5 years prior. NOT TOO MUCH NITROGEN.
-don’t compost raspberry or blackberry canes.
Hope this helps someone out there.

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