Book Reviews: Brett Markham


Ok, so I skimmed these rather than full on read. Mainly because my gardening obsession is totally out of control right now and I want to return books to the library so that I can focus on other things… For at least a week. 😜
But back to these books. I have already read two books by him very recently and I totally enjoyed them which prompted me to get all his books from the library. AND YES I WANT TO OWN ALL FOUR.
His books are worth getting because of the Forewords alone. He also gives ways to build your own little contraptions in each of his books depending on which one you are reading. Examples: chicken plucker, trellis, compost bins (several styles), seed planters, etc etc.
So if I had to list his books that I have read in order of my preferences:
1. I think ☺️ maximizing your mini farm
2. The mini farming guide to vegetable gardening
3. Mini farming self-sufficiency on 1/4 acre
4. The mini farming guide to composting

He has a 5th book on fermenting. I will probably read that too but I haven’t as of yet.

Gotta go clean out/organize my garden journal.


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