52 Weeks of Photos: light

Light. I woke up the other morning and looked at my nightstand and thought… That’s light! Books and my notepad that I recently found a 30 day gratitude journal in from Feb 2014.
I also included the pictures of the chairs. I wAs in Best Buy purchasing ink. I was headed to the ink section and happened upon these chairs. I was instantly jetted back to childhood… Musical chairs anyone? 😀 anyway it wAs a reminder to stop and make sure you are enjoying life. Consequently illuminating (light) my path.

Q: How do I conquer fear? It’s a powerful force in my life holding me back?
THMLF: It is natural to fear what you don’t know or understand. But fear must be challenged and overcome. How? When God met with Moses in the burning bush and God gave Moses a command, fear choked Moses. Moses tried to put up excuses to keep from following God’s command. But when God took away his excuses, Moses then had to challenge his fear. And every time Moses challenged his fear and overcame it, his trust in God grew until he recognized like David, the Lord is my strength and He is my salvation. Whom then shall I fear and of whom then shall I be afraid?”


6 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Photos: light

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