Can I Get A Hour?

My first sewing project of 2015.

excuse photo. I was tired. And my fam and taking pics of sewing adventure isn’t the greatest fit anyway.
If you follow my blog you know my wardrobe is depleted with this mental thing I have going where I tell myself to make my own clothes; AND NOT TO BUY ANY for about the last three years.
I do have A, emphasis on A, pair of black pants BUT I accidentally left them in California on my last visit. So the hubby and I were going out and the shirt I wanted to wear needed black pants, so I sewed these up real quick. Nothing fancy but I really like them. Super comfy and I like the fabric.
The fabric… First time ever I ordered fabric online. Kaufman Brussels washer linen blend black.

That’s All Folks


2 thoughts on “Can I Get A Hour?

  1. Love Have had them ship all the way over here, paid VAT and it was still more affordable with a better selection than anything I could find here or in the UK. Well done to whip those up so quick, don’t know how on such short notice but good job.

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