52 Weeks of Photos: Small

Have you ever tried to plant broccoli seeds with eight 4-5 year olds?
Broccoli seeds are small but you realize they seem even smaller at that point.

I also planted broccoli seeds with a group of older children today, hence the bigger hands.


13 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Photos: Small

  1. LOL on planting broccoli seeds with 4-5 year olds. I can only imagine. Yes I remember how tiny they are from when I used to volunteer at the sprout house back in my Patagonia days. Have you tried broccoli microgreens? They are so delish.

    • No I haven’t but I explained to the children we may just have to as we are experiencing spring like weather that may very well alter our plans.
      Anyway, I’m not sure if you recall our few conversations or how amped you used to be on microgreens. I have it in my head to explore those more 🙂

    • Trying to show them the milk jug greenhouse. I will probably build a hoop house but I really like the milk jugs because it is doable for anyone and you don’t have to baby the plants as much because already hardened off. With this “false spring” we have had the past few days I am not sure what will become of the project.

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