Sew What

Last week I completed another sewing project. I am pleased with it. I must admit I complained almost the entire time because I didn’t feel like sewing but I said I would so in trying to keep my word… I did.
The pix… I was acting silly but the pictures work. I actually think I take better pictures when I am being myself silly.

I will spare you all the middle portion of the “routine” and just give you the first and last photo taken.

So the pants, esp in waist, are WAAAY too big. I plan to alter…. One day read never. I have another of the same thing different color smaller size cut out and ready to be sewn up. Maybe this week.

These are more like around house clothes. Gardening. Yeah gardening. I’m trying to not be the bummy gardening girl this go round. You know the sweats and hubby old T. Not saying I won’t have days when I regress. 😜 included that disclaimer just for you honey but that’s not the goal which means I have some work to do.

Musical Turrets: “I’m gonna pop some tags. Only got $20 in my pocket…”




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