The last few days I’ve been feeling the need to unsubscribe from a lot of “stuff.” The reality is I don’t read a bunch of it anymore and I wouldn’t say that I’m not interested at all but no longer interested enough to get bombarded with emails, which seem daily. I toyed with changing the frequency. You know how some “companies” let you do that? But that’s not where I am either. I don’t want to read a week’s, or month’s, worth. I would probably end up just deleting those two or worse, forgetting to delete them.
Some stuff will be easy… Like the stores. But others will be a little more difficult…. Like homeschool related stuff. BUT I’m ready.


3 thoughts on “Unsubscribe

  1. mashaAllah sister in Islam may Allah the Most Merciful guide you and your family to what He Allah and His Messenger Muhammad sallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam love. amen 🙂

    wasalaam from Philippines/Saudi Arabia ❤

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