Milk Jug Greenhouses Update

Based on photo challenge about 2 weeks ago I was asked to do an update on the milk jug project. Here goes…
It’s been acting like spring around these parts so the seeds sprouted and everything seems grand. We shall wait to see what the future (weather) holds.

The highlight of my time at the school today was after doing a lesson on seeds (what it is, what’s inside, and examining different types) we went out to check on the plants. A five year old was studying her plants through the top and she exclaimed something about seeing the seed still on the plant. By golly gee, that was the best possible wrap up/tie-in I could have asked for.

Another unexpected surprise… We read the carrot seed. You know the book where the little boy plants a carrot seed and it seems to take forever to grow but he nurtured it anyway. And it eventually grew into a huge carrot. ALL the “lil people” that’s what I affectionately call them had a bunch of sprouts, except one boy. He had one lone soldier. He was moping. Big time. So I tried to remind him of the story and he looked at me like yea whatever but said he will remain hopeful. Comedy.

Next week, God willing, we will talk about plant families and companion planting. Maybe do a mini skit. They seemed excited when I asked them which seeds seemed related based on appearance.
“What???? seeds are cousins? Sis Erika, are there any twins?” Lol. I’ll tell you next week.


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