Had a great day today!

(If I delete what I wrote one more time…..) 

I am processing a lot so I think I will just talk in sound bites as this blog is as much for me as it is for others. And hey, my thoughts are hella fragmented right now. 

Mind & heart are full. Heavy. 

Dream big or go home.

Create. Blank canvas. It’s whatever I want it to be. 

Oh snap… Here goes. Just got put on my heart to actual tell the world. 

“Be, And It Is” will be a blog tomorrow. Inshallah. I thought, I would wait. Until. Not sure. But like I wrote, the thought wanted out of my brain and into this realm. The physical realm. It is ready to become. 

His command is only when He intends a thing He says to it, “Be,” and it is. (Holy Quran 36:82)

Inshallah (God willing) more tomorrow. And hopefully more coherent. If not, be patient with me. I think you will enjoy the ride. 


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