She is such an awesome woman. Like fa real. And trust and believe I wouldn’t just say that because she is MY grandma. I’m no fool, all grandmas are not awesome. Lol.

Anyway, it crossed my heart to do a post on her this am as I wanted to surprise her with a visit but due to her active schedule (at 90) I didn’t want to disappointment myself by showing up to an empty house. 
Then I began to think about all of her awesomeness and wanted to share. Trying to keep it at 9 and just going to do the first thoughts that come to mind:
1. That she still takes classes at the community college at 90. 
2. That she had a stroke way back when but didn’t let it stop her. She literally taught herself to write and use her left side since the right side was paralyzed.
3. She isn’t afraid of technology. She is on fb, emails me weekly (if not more). She may have an Instagram lol. I don’t so don’t know. I recall once my grown cousin was cursing and just acting out on fb and she blasted his page. “You weren’t raised like that.” Oh did the family laugh and tease on that one.
4. She practically raised me. She was always a pillar but for a good portion she was it. 
5. She taught me to address my problems head on with my head up. (A powerful story could follow but maybe another day). Just know that she taught me whoever it is look them in the eyes and state your piece. Then move on and make the best of the decision/choice you made.
6. She didn’t homeschool me but when I went to live with her they were trying to send me to a subpar school. She refused to send me and took me everyday, I don’t recall how many days to the school district offices, until they put me in a school that she approved of. 
7. She used to ride bikes with us when I was younger. All the neighborhood children got a kick out of it. 
8. I used to LOVE Ricky Henderson. My grandmother had full on responsibilities but she still made it a point to take public transportation to another city so I could see him live and in-person. I was always grateful but as an adult I see it even clearer.
9. She is super nice, patient, loving, caring. I’m super glad she played such a huge role in my life.
Oh and I can’t not tell how I used to love to watch her dance around the kitchen to frank santra (and others) while she cooked. 
And how I still play Scrabble with her. 
And And ….
I love that lady! 

11 thoughts on “Grandma

  1. Erika. This may be one of my favorite posts ever. My eyes are even misty. How blessed you are to have a grandma like that. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Does she read your blog? Sure she knows how much she means to you but wouldn’t it just be a kick if she found her way over to your blog and read this beautiful tribute. She sounds like quite a phenomenal woman.

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