So I started this new blog, Be And It is. Go explore. So far two posts and the about page. I haven’t posted much on it because it is dedicated to this new space I have been blessed with and things are moving slow. They were starting to pick up but then bad weather, which I totally missed because I was having fun in the Ca sun. One of thee best trips home yet. 

The blog is geared towards those that

  1. Are interested in gardening
  2. Interested in experimenting in gardens
  3. Want to see a somewhat realistic approach to trying to set up a homestead on a limited budget.
  4. People that are interested in me
  5. Or just nosy 
  6. Oh and interested in animals because, God willing we will have a few. 

I plan to keep it short and sweet. I am a better rambler when people ask questions. So if you see me do something or wonder why I don’t, feel free to ask away. 

Anyway, Go check it out. Give feedback. And if any of the above applies to you….subscribe. 


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