52 Weeks of Photos: Think


I recently started a journal to chart my thoughts, ideas, desires, goals, etc as it relates to the house. (Read yard) These are the first pages. MY GOD are they crowded. It felt so good to release those thoughts swirling in my head. The following pages are less crammed and more appealing, easy on, the eyes. It’s kinda funny because I had no clue all that would spew out. If I could have, without ruining the journal, I would have ripped out these pages and made it look more inviting. But they have grown on me and like I said they actually show the Decluttering of my mind so I like them NOW. 


7 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Photos: Think

  1. A bit of organized pandemonium! So long as you understand it, that’s all that matters. 🙂 These kinds of thoughts rarely surface in a tidy and orderly fashion do they? It fits ‘think’ perfectly.

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  3. Wow you have so much knowledge in your head. You really should start an online course or three. Email me for details on resources on how to get started for free when you come back inside from the yard 🙂

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