Do you ever ask yourself why do you really send your child to school daily?

I did this morning as two my children were working on independent projects. They were researching things that they were genuinely interested in and may want to pursue. 

Back drop: our lives are in a bit of a transition so some “school” is going on but not as much. Consequently they are also killing more brain cells than I would like. But as I strive to patiently watch this unfold, encourage and motivate where I can I am seeing them slowly but surely begin to chart their paths back into learning productive things on their own. 💃

So as my son read aloud to me about what it takes to become a meteorologist and my daughter explored cameras and youth bank accounts I felt a sense of pride. That they have the freedom and ability to pursue their interests and really absorb it and not have to do it “on the side.” This is school. It is the best school. 

So although I do miss and feel a little guilty that while we are transitioning some of our formal learning has come to a halt I am grateful for mornings like these. 

This period in time is a learning experience on so many levels. 


One thought on “Why?

  1. I really enjoyed this post. One of the many beauties of homeschool is not having to stress about fake schedules made up by the mind of society. Nice to see you doing you, as always. Enjoy.

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