So I’ve Changed

So I’ve changed…

Not really. I thought I changed. At times when I am striving to be patient with my husband it helps me to recall how much I have changed and how patient he is with me during this process. Sometimes in our discussions I straight up ask or I hint at it (it being this change) and he is steady in his response,”you haven’t really changed.” I didn’t get it until today. I haven’t changed much just the outward manifestations.
What are you talking about, Erika? 
I’m a “go-getter.” Or strive to be. The things that I go get have just changed. (And not really if you analyze.) So while I was focused on the getting he was focused on the going. 
I’m sure you can imagine there have been many “changes” since 16. (Code words for “I’ll never tell.”) 
Anyway, just loving my husband for loving me through all this growth and development as I strive to do the same for him.
“Praise Belongs to ALLAH, the Nurturer of each of us, making us to evolve stage after stage until we reach our eventual perfection.”

2 thoughts on “So I’ve Changed

  1. You guys are so beautiful together! I think you haven’t changed much – even though life around you has changed. You have just become more you. Lovely to see.

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