Morning Food For Thought: Fan

What is a number one fan? Who is your number one fan? Are you anyone’s number one fan? What have they done, or have you done, to prove it? Should it be proved? And is there someone’s you would like to be (their number one fan)? If you are not, why not? If you are one, How did you choose to be this person’s number one fan? Was it a conscious decision or subconscious? Why would someone be, or want to be, your number one fan?

Disclaimer: We all should be God’s number one fan and He is ours. The gift of life says it all. So, aside from God and ignore the fact that fan really means fanatical (lol lol lol I can’t help myself sometimes from “over thinking”) and just try to answer (privately or publicly) with a general ignorance of the word. 

What Do You Think?

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