Be, and It Is Homestead

As my son and I scoured, devoured, dreamed, plotted and planned on what we would get from the Baker Creek Seed catalog if money wasn’t a thang. I decided to turn it into math lessons and then I had him watchThis great seed saving video.

The math problems… I didn’t save (story of my life) but you can do for any catalog. The problems went something like this:

If we purchased X, Y, & Z how much would that be? What if we had a 40% coupon? What if shipping was ____?

Or if we had $100 to spend what would you buy and why? What if they surprised us and gave 20% off our entire order. How much more could we buy? What would you buy?

It was enjoyable and helped him to see the garden from a potential cost perspective and reinforced the benefits of learning to…

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