A glimpse into my world.
Some of the titles I hold
Boxes I fit in, though not always perfectly

~black woman
~all the other familial roles

My First Blog before I ditched Blogger

8 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks! I plan to take time to do the same for others soon. FYI: my first blogger award. Yaay! I’m sure you can understand excitement as it seems sometimes you are just talking to yourself as a blogger 🙂 anyway, just getting In from checking on bees with The Boy. Now to do this book work part of homeschooling.

    • Several reasons. A few: American schools do an inadequate job of educating black children! Don’t believe in separation of church and state. Don’t believe the socialization hype. And really is the natural thing to do.

      • I really admire your strength. I agree totally but I don’t have the strength you have and have sent my children to school. The church and state are one in the same system. A friend recently asked me what I thought of tything and she is Christian so I looked through her bible for answers and came up with the fact that the church required 30% of your wage (sounds about the same as income tax) The church became the state. Our system in America (for me Canada) is a British System which stems from the Romans dating back to the Greek Homer. All things they teach in the system is to cover lies about Africa and its history. Stay strong you are an inspiration and I suspect an excellent mother!

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